We will be on annual leave from the 27th May and returning on the 4th June. It will still be possible to order our products during this period, but our last day of shipping before annual leave will be the 21st May.

Buy any FLOOR, SIDE PANEL and ROOF KIT to receive 15% discount off the complete package price! Including Halo Roof Kits!

What else can we do?

As well as purchasing standard campervan conversion products through our online shop we can also offer the following:

We can supply panel kits trimmed in any colour 4-way stretch carpet or suedeliner complete with clips at competitive prices for customers who wish to speed up and simplify their builds. Suedeliner is only offered on standard style panels and not full height panels with window reveals as its difficult to get a perfect finish on internal window reveal corners. Please forward enquiries through our online enquiry form.

Bespoke Designed Products
If we don’t quite offer a product which suits your specific requirements, our design team are on hand to talk through any design tweaks to standard products or even completely new projects if you are looking for something completely different. From initial design concepts through to manufacture, we can offer guidance and technical expertise to turn your dream into a reality.
3D Design & 2D Drafting Services
We can act as ‘ The Drawing Office’ for our customers who don’t have their own facility or need the extra capacity during spikes in their workload. Our design team are fully conversant with 3D Solidworks Modelling & Drafting along with Adobe Design Suite products such as Photoshop, In-Design & Illustrator. We have had the pleasure of working with many local businesses on a variety of different products over the years, so why not get in touch to see how we could help you?
CNC Cutting Services
Our state of the art CNC router is capable of cutting many different materials in varying thicknesses and also has engraving/auto-carving functions. We offer CNC cutting services to many local businesses from signmakers and furniture builders through to the construction industry. In-house CAD and nesting software allows us to cut your project cost effectively with the minimal amount of waste. We can offer volume or small batch production runs at competitive prices, supplied within agreed timeframes. Even if you don’t have CAD files, our in-house design team can reverse engineer physical products or convert sketches into CAD files for you. We can assist in material choice if the best solution is not known and support you and your business through the entire process.

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